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Merino Thermal Underwear Manufacturer

Merino Skins the official merino supplier to the Australian Paralympic winter team

Merino Skins® Base Layers

Merino Skins® are stylish, high-performance breathable Merino activewear that combines performance with function. Made from the finest, softest Australian Merino wool, Merino Skins® keep you blissfully warm when needed most. Naturally superior moisture-wicking and odor-fighting, helping you feel great all day whether you’re skiing, camping, mountain climbing, running, hunting or wearing around the house or office. The unique temperature regulating, odor, UV resistance and moisture controlling properties of Merino Skins® Merino wool base layers ensure you stay at your optimal body temperature in all conditions.

Merino Skins® base layer thermal wear have appeared in various Olympic events, featuring in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and as the preferred thermal underwear for the Australian Winter Olympics Team at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.

We’re passionate about Australian Wool

Ktena Knitting Mills is an authentic, independently owned Australian manufacturer of high-quality Merino wool thermal and activewear.

Our range of Australian Merino wool garments is designed, knitted, dyed, sewn and packaged at our factory which is located in Melbourne Australia, ensuring exceptional style and sustained quality.

Ktena Knitting is committed to the authentic Australian manufacture of quality woolen products. We passionately believe in bringing wool to life through our finest Merino wool garments that are soft, comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

As a leading manufacturer of Australian merino wool garments, Ktena embraces the history behind our wonderful woolen knitting mill, with our growing range of uniquely Australian, merino wool products.

Ktena manufactures both Merino Skins® – performance sports style ranges and the famous Thermo Fleece® range – a more casual everyday wear selection.

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Thermo Fleece® Merino Underwear

Thermo Fleece® underwear is the unique result of a perfect blend of sophisticated technology, wool growing in Australia.

Australia’s superfine Merino wools represent over 100 years of expert breeding and refinement resulting in only the softest, finest and whitest Merino wools in the world. Prickle free, our Merino wool thermal garments are available in both double knitted interlock fabric and in our exquisitely feminine pointelle pattern fabrics, without side seams and are fully machine washable.

A Thermo Fleece® garment is your guarantee of unsurpassed luxury, comfort and warmth without compromise…naturally.

Why Thermo Fleece®?

Thermo Fleece® woolen underwear keeps you warm as toast in the coldest conditions without ever feeling clammy – even if you’re wearing rainproof clothing over the top!  Thermo Fleece® merino woolen underwear offers the very best in quality, it’s knitted from 100% pure super soft wool from Australian Merino sheep.

Developed after years of research, Australian super soft Merino wool is blissfully comfortable and prickle free against the skin, yet it’s incredibly easy to care for – the unique double knit interlock and pointelle pattern knit fabric guarantees long wear and no shrinkage and you can even machine wash it. All garments are also “side seam-free” for supreme comfort. Try Thermo Fleece® woolen underwear and enjoy the difference.

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100% Merino

Only 100% Merino is best.

When another fiber is blended with merino wool is it primarily for one reason and one reason only – cost!

Other fibers are significantly cheaper than merino wool.

You may have noticed many brands now advertise as “Merino” but when you look closely, they are actually a blend (some call it fusion) of Merino and other inferior fibers such as polyester, modal, acrylic, nylon, elastane, spandex and other marketing terms. These synthetic fibers they add are approximately 80% cheaper than merino wool, a clever way to bulk up the fabric with second rate fillers and hope no one notices the difference.

Merino Skins® base layers are made from 100% Merino wool.

The Merino wool we use in Merino Skins® isn’t just any old Merino wool either. We carefully select non mulesed superfine merino wool from local farms here in Australia that have long fiber lengths to ensure the garments are itch-free, soft and comfortable against the skin.

Don’t be fooled, read the fabric contents carefully before you buy, don’t compromise with inferior “Merino” blends disguised as pure Merino, only buy 100% Merino – natures miracle fiber.

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Easy Care

Merino Skins® base layers are 100% easy care.

Unlike many other brands of Merino base layers that are hand wash and line dry only, Merino Skins are fully machine washable and tumble dryable.

Due to our unique double knit interlock fabric construction together with our fabric being preshrunk before sewing Merino Skins® are truly easy care – machine wash and tumble dryable.

You don’t have to worry, just throw them in the machine (please read washing instructions) and they come out looking fantastic every time.

The Tradition Continues

Over 40 Years Experience

Thermo Fleece merino underwear