Thermo Fleece merino underwear

About The Thermo Fleece® Brand

Thermo Fleece® underwear is the unique result of a perfect blend of sophisticated technology, wool growing in Australia and Australia’s clean, green environment.

Australia’s superfine Merino wools represent over 100 years of expert breeding and refinement resulting in only the softest, finest and whitest Merino wools in the world. Prickle free, our merino wool thermal garments are available in double knitted interlock fabric and exquisitely feminine pattern fabrics known as pointelle, all without side seams and are fully machine washable.

Thermo Fleece® is your guarantee of unsurpassed luxury, comfort and warmth without compromise — naturally.

Why Thermo Fleece®?

Thermo Fleece® woolen underwear keeps you warm as toast in the coldest conditions without ever feeling clammy — even if you’re wearing rainproof clothing over the top!  Thermo Fleece® Merino woolen underwear offers the very best in quality, it’s knitted from 100% pure super soft wool from Australian Merino sheep.

Developed after years of research, Australian super soft Merino wool is blissfully comfortable and prickle free against the skin, yet it’s incredibly easy to care for — the unique double knit interlock and pointelle pattern knit fabric guarantees long wear and no shrinkage and you can even machine wash it. All garments are also “side seam-free” for supreme comfort.

Try Thermo Fleece® woolen underwear and enjoy the difference.

Finest Quality Wool

Ktena Knitting Mills doesn’t just use any old wool — we use only the highest premium grades of Merino wool available, known as “superfine” which is specially selected and graded. Longer than other standard wool fibres — the extra length creates a smooth and silky knitted yarn. Our Merino wool yarns are soft to the touch and are prickle free against the skin, flame resistant and absorb body odour and moisture. After washing, not only does our Merino wool maintain its elasticity, it also increases its warmth value!

Why Merino Wool?

Merino wool is a remarkable fibre. A wonderful insulator, it will hold in your body heat to keep you warm. And, at the same time, wool has a unique ability to absorb up to three times its own weight in moisture, drawing it away from the skin without feeling damp. Wool does not compromise with quality. Only Merino wool can simultaneously keep you cozy and warm without feeling clammy or damp. Merino Wool is lightweight and ultrasoft, your guarantee for perfect comfort and better health.

Merino wool is non-prickly, easy-care, and fully machine washable.

Merino wool is flame resistant absorbs moisture and body odours.

Merino wool’s elasticity and warmth actually increase with washing.

Thermo Fleece merino underwear

Our Thermo Fleece® classic mens and ladies’ casual ranges include sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve tops, short and long pant bottoms.

Double Knitted Interlock (Side seam free)

The most stable superior of all fabrics, double knit or interlock fabric is constructed in a way where two layers of fabric are interlocked together – resembling a 2 ply construction, resulting in a fabric that is super soft, durable and long-lasting.

Our fine gauge double knit interlock fabric provides a much higher level of insulation than competitors single-knit garments due to our twin set of yarns knitted together resulting in air pockets formed between the two sets of yarns, trapping warm air between the fibers providing a superior level of insulation.

Our fabric is run-resistant, firmer and much more stable than all the Merino products on the market today. This is why our garments can be machine washed (no handwashing necessary) and can be tumble dried warm and will last and last.

Our interlock fabrics are knitted in tubular form by our machines programmed to knit individual body sizes. Thus, garments are side-seam free and hug the natural curves of the body.

Rib Pointelle (Side seam free)

Our unique body size tubular rib pointelle machinery is programmed to knit delicate diamond shape patterns within the fabric. Fine gauge, each garment is individually knitted with a waistband finish on the body and sleeve ends making hemming unnecessary.

Constructed in tubular form, garments are side-seam free and comfortably wrap around the contours of the body.